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Jean Placide, the 23 year-old powerhouse singer, songwriter, rapper, and producer, represents the beautiful fusion of the analog and digital sounds of old school and new school Soul music. Hailing from Pasadena California, Jean Placide pulls from a variety of genres including, Soul, Funk, Rap/Hip-Hop, Indie Rock, and Jazz to create his captivatingly unique sound. Being the sole songwriter, performer, producer, and engineer for the majority of his songs allows Jean Placide to express himself fully and freely so that every element of music you hear in his tracks comes straight from his soul. He released multiple singles in 2018 and early 2019  “Upgrade”, “#Mood”, and “Left Me on Read” which were received well. Left Me on Read was featured in installment of “The Slice” on Earmilk. (  His most recent release “Pink Velvet” is an electric heartwarming groove with a vintage sound that serves as a preview for his upcoming debut EP.  His music captures themes of hardships in love, self reflection, and personal growth. In a time where a majority of music seems manufactured, Jean Placide aims to bring back authentic and vulnerable Soul Music.






Instagram & Twitter: @jp_flows